About Us

The Wilmington Fourth of July Celebration has been serving the community since 1981. The Fourth of July Committee was formed in response to Wilmington citizens’ wishes to continue the family atmosphere that was created by the Town’s 250th Anniversary Celebration. The Committee has never wavered from its original goal, which is to provide the people of Wilmington a first-class, fun-filled, entertaining and affordable event for all members of the family.

What started as a fairly small event, with a few key civic organizations participating, has grown into the most significant event in Town. With over 25 Wilmington based non-profit organizations participating, the event is now the single largest such 4th of July celebration in the State.

A few facts about our celebration:

  • All of the groups that participate in the event are Wilmington based non-profit organizations.
  • These groups utilize the event as a major fundraiser for their organizations. Please support them.
  • All members of the Committee are volunteers and all money raised by the Committee is used for the continuation of Fun on the Fourth.
  • This event would not be possible without the help and cooperation of our Town Manager and all of the Town departments.

A lot of people ask why this event is so successful. The answer is pretty simple – The people of Wilmington want this event to be great. For five days the people of the Town of Wilmington come together as a community. Friends see friends they haven’t seen since last year, kids laugh and scream as they ride the carnival rides and stumble in the three-legged race, adults tap their feet as they sit in their lawn chairs and listen to the concerts, organizations raise much needed money to fund their programs, the smells of sausages, apple pie and chicken dinners fill the air, blankets cover the Common like a checkerboard, occasional toots of horns as guests from out of town arrive late on fireworks night and can’t find a parking spot, fireworks exploding as the grand finale begins and Stars and Stripes is played by the concert band, people standing and applauding having had a great time with their family and friends. Finally, they leave Wilmington Common feeling good about the time they just had and proud of the Town they live in.

We hope you have enjoyed our “Fun on the Fourth” celebrations in the past and will continue to enjoy them for many years to come. Happy Birthday America and thank you to the people of Wilmington for your support.


    Patrick Giroux, President
    Judi Curcio, VP
    Dan Heffernan, Treasurer
    Beverly Dalton, Clerk
    Chuck Hayes
    Joan Maga
    Angelyn Ciampa
    Vickey McDermott
    Jen Hunt
    Mike Labrecque
    Alex Freund


    Scott Garrant
    Dianna DiGregorio
    Mike Donovan
    Craig Frizol
    Dave Hall
    Dick Searfoss
    Joan Searfoss
    Lou Cimaglia
    Ed Coughlin
    Bob Ducey
    Tom Pazyra
    Peggy Power
    Stew Ring
    Bill Savosik
    Jim Stewart
    Joe Vieira
    Phyllis Vieira